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Terima kasih atas kunjungan Anda di blog Kompi Males,
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The Latest Google Adsense Rules

Here I write down the 9 rules of Google Adsense most recent must be obeyed by all publishers Adsense:

The Latest Google Adsense Rules
The Latest Google Adsense Rules

1. Do not click your own Adsense ads

Most people who start business new Adsense (beginner/newbie) often ignore this rule, they feel itchy and curious to click on Adsense ads on their own property. Don't ever do this!

Clicking the Google Adsense ads on your own property can be tracked by google and is considered an invalid click (invalid click activity) and can cause your Adsense account deactivated. Google very advanced so it can know where a click comes from.

2. don't ask for or meyuruh others to click on your Adsense ads

Never, ever told others to click on ads on your blog, because google is very sophisticated and can find out where the original and click where the fraudulent clicks. So don't ever fool/mangakali system of Google.

3. do not put ads on inappropriate content

Google banned Adsense ads on blogs are sites related to illegal content such as pornography, content about gambling, booze, acts of violence, the content about the bootleg (pirated software, movies and music) and other illegal content.

4. do not modify the Adsense ad code

Out there there are some publisher Adsense that cheating by way of changing or modifying the Adsense ad code in order to benefit more. Google prohibits this Act, so these things never done jagan international airport.

5. follow the rules of the WebMaster Guideline

A lot of people who get a penalty from Google just because their blogs do not qualify Google Webmaster rules and criteria. For more details you can read in the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

6. The site should be useful
Website or blog who installed the Adsense ads should be able to provide benefits to others, do not create a blog that is just advertising alone, however very little of its content. Provide the content/article is readable by others.

7. do not install too many ads

The number of Adsense ads which can be mounted on a blog was 3 pieces of "ad unit", 3 pieces "link unit", and 2 "Google search box". If you want to get lots of money from Adsense advice I don't install too many ads, because visitors blog very hate with advertising.

8. don't rigging site
Don't get me outsmart sites, such as messing up the navigation links or creating a website design that makes the visitor with the goal of keeping the dizzy get more click Adsense ads. Make the design clear and relevant sites.

9. don't do SPAM
Don't do spamming with the aim to get a lot of traffic of visitors, for example spamming in online forums to get lots of visitors. Do promotional link in a manner that is ethical and not harming others.

10. Don't be afraid
Although Google Adsense look very tight as hell, yet you do not be afraid. As long as you don't cheat and can follow the rules above, your Adsense account will surely remain safe from banned and can earn a lot of money dollars from the internet.
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